Mon 19 December 2016


Why Prebiotics Are Better For Your Health

A detailed analysis and understanding of probiotics and prebiotics can establish why prebiotics are better for your health. It does not imply at all that probiotics are any less important but it boils down to the small advantages where prebiotics have more utility than the former. Read more details at Me Clinic.

Probiotics Vs Prebiotics

Most people across the world, those that are not directly associated with the medical world or associated with a job in the pharmaceutical industry, do not have a clear perception of what probiotics and prebiotics are and if at all there are any differences. Probiotics are living bacteria that is found in our intestines. These are healthy bacteria. Although bacteria is a term associated with something bad and owing to that it is considered that any bacteria has to be unhealthy and infectious.

Probiotics are not harmful but actually help humans to develop a strong immune system. Prebiotics are those bacteria that help probiotics to grow and develop. In short, prebiotics help probiotics to sustain.

Let us take a look at the differences between the two and why prebiotics are better for your health.

Probiotics are only good as long as they are alive. They can only help you and your immune system as long as they stay well nourished and this is solely dependent on Prebiotics. The dependence of probiotics on the latter makes the latter far more significant for one’s health.

Probiotics do not help in the development of any other healthy bacteria and thereby has no additional virtue. Prebiotics on the other hand helps to nourish different forms of healthy bacteria and it drives the growth of bacteria without which our immune system may weaken over time.

Probiotics are simply one type of bacteria that is found in a human intestinal tract and it is susceptible to external influences and changes such as temperature. Prebiotics are immune to external environment and actually acts as a nurturer of all the types of bacteria. Thereby the range of benefits of prebiotics is much more than that of probiotics.

Research Explains Why Prebiotics Are Better For Your Health!

After the invention of prebiotics in 1995, all prestigious universities had started to conduct extensive research.

Studies suggest that probiotics are instrumental to address certain symptoms and fight any intruding viral infection but it is prebiotics which actually makes the probiotics capable of fighting the cause.

Moreover, it is prebiotics that ensure that we continually generate good bacteria in our systems and do not run out of the living bacteria that are only effective as long as they are alive. Since prebiotics do not succumb to external heat or excessive cold, they are robust and can offer us health benefits over a longer period of time. Prebiotics are not dependent on any other factor for their survival hence is considered to play a more significant role in our health than any other bacteria. Almost every research suggested that the only aspect to be taken care of is to consume enough quantity of prebiotics through food items or supplements.

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