Tue 14 February 2017


What You Need To Know Before Wearing Corsets

Congratulations on your new Songbird Corset! Did you know that even an a custom corset needs time to adjust to your body before it feels fantastic? It's called seasoning. And this is a guide about how to do it with your new custom Underbust or Overbust.

The first Wear

When you unwrap your brand new steel boned corset, it will be fully laced in the bidirectional, criss-crossed fashion. Place it on a table, brocade side up.

It’s important to loosen your corset completely before putting it on. Pull the individual center pull loops, working your way to the top and bottom of the corset.

All corsets need to be worn the correct way up, wearing them the wrong way can damage the corset, and more importantly, potentially cause you harm.  

Since it’s brand new, the corset will be rigid, and the pins and loops at the front busk might be a challenge to hook the first few times. Try attaching from the center pin first. Once all of your pins are securely fastened along the busk, you can begin tightening the laces back up.

Don’t lace too much the first time!

When you put on your Songbird Corset on for the first time it is very important that you not lace it up too tightly. Like a new pair of jeans, our corsets need some time to adjust to your body. This is called seasoning. Here’s the best way to do it:

  1. First Half hour: Snug, but loose enough to put part of all of your hand into your corset
  2. The next 1-2 hours: Tighter, so you can fit some fingers in either side
  3. Now take your corset off & store it safely. Loosen the laces fully first, then unbuckle the latches. Doing it in this order reduces the strain on the corset whilst it’s getting to know you.
  4. Repeat at least 2 times over a couple of days

It’s best to do this process a few times to properly season your corset.  You’ll find that the custom corset’s shape both looks and feels even better as the boning adjusts to your body

If you plan on using your corset for a special event or even for everyday use it’s important that you take the time to properly break in your corsets beforehand. Because our corsets are made for your measurements this will happen very quickly.

What if I don’t season?

You’ve received your corset and you simply can’t wait to season. Okay, we hear you! Before you go out, we need to let you know that tightening up a corset immediately can be less than fun.

  • If you try and force it too quickly, you have a risk of warping or damage the boning
  • Your corset may cause a more discomfort when being worn (compared with a seasoned corset)
  • You may appear a little less curvy than the corset can make you. Since the steel boning hasn’t had time to adapt to your curves, it’ll still be trying to adapt in that first outing

A Seasoned corset feels amazing!

A corset can have a completely different fit once you have broken it in. The bottom edge really hugs and molds to your curves where it may initially have some small gaps. The hooks and pins just pop right into place after just a few times of properly seasoning your corset.

Take your time, and your corset will look and feel even better :)

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