Fri 02 December 2016


Laptops, Everything You Need To Know Now.

Upgrading your hard drive on your Macbook Pro is definitely the best upgrade you could ever do. It will completely change your laptop’s performance, you will notice faster boot times vertical laptop stand, application launches and all this with less in combination with strain on your laptop. This not only ensures higher performance but also a longer lifespan.

Since there are plenty of producers for compatible hard drives, i have made a selection of the best Macbook Pro hard drive upgrades you will find. Prices may vary from $55 to over $400, this is mainly because of quality differences and not so much storage related. But please do note that also the $55 – $100 hard drives are allready of very good quality. I will review them by price.

Let’s start with the first one. The Western Digital Scorpio Blue is available in 160 Gb ($55.99), 250 Gb ($57.99), 320 Gb ($64.99) or the biggest version which features 500 Gb ($81.99). The WD Scorpio Blue is yields one of the quietest 2.5-inch hard drives on the market today and with 5400 RPM spin speed and up to 3 GB/s SATA interface speed, this truely is a bargain for it’s performance. The hard disk features a special WD ShockGuard technology which protects the drive mechanics and platter surfaces from shocks. When travelling alot, this may be a key-important feature. This hard disk definitely has to best quality to price ratio and when ordering from Amazon, you can even get a very nice discount.

Next one on the list is the Seagate Momentus. Here it is definitely the boot time and speed that counts. This is truely what Seagate is all about. SSD-like performance combined with affordable high-quality storage. This translates in a boot time which is up to 50% faster then conventional 5400-RPM drives and 80% faster then traditional 7200-RPM drives (benchmarked using PCMark Vantage).

The spindle speed is 7200 RPM and it has a 32 MB cache which is definitely more then necessary. But the most important feature it covers is the Adaptive Memory technology. What this does is consistenly monitors and recalls data usage and preferences. In human language, it places your most used files, programs and data automatically in the fastest loading part of the hard disk. So your hard disk is continuously improving itself. And this trick works really well. It knows exactly when and what you’ll use and you will definitely feel the performance enhancement.

Last but definitely not least, there is the Intel X25-M. Surprisingly as a 2.5-inch hard disk it only comes in two sizes: 80 Gb and 160 Gb. The Intel X25-M is by far the best Macbook Pro hard drive upgrade. However, it comes with a $219.99 and $499.99 price tag. As i have mentioned in the beginning of my post it is quality you pay for and not brandname (well maybe a small part). This one truely is the feature. Because it uses NAND flash memory to store all data rather then conventional spinning platters, it makes no sound and doesn’t need time to spin up. Due to no spinning parts, the Intel X25-M is able to provide an amazing durability, it is rated at an astonishing 1.2 million hours mean time before failure (MTBF). That said, the list goes on.

Because of the unique technology it’s built around, it consumes far less power and makes this drive an environmentally friendly choice. That means more then you think. The Intel X25-M is built from non-hazardous materials and therefore is compliant by the RoHS certification.

Personally i’d go for the Intel X25-M, it is definitely not the cheapest, altough the speed this thing goes is enormous, but i think the reliability and durability far outweigh any other competiting hard disk.

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